Sooner or later all newcomers to the Netherlands have to face with the integration. This is a rather lengthy process, which includes learning the language, history, culture and traditions of the Dutch society. We will help you to go through all the integration stages here from A to Z.

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Sunday Talks
Join us for free to improve your Dutch! The Sunday Talks are part of our conversation course and you’ll be able to join Mariana every Sunday to talk about simple things in life.

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We offer Zoom courses to get you optimally prepared for all integration exams as well as to teach you Dutch from A0 to B2 levels.

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At Join Dutch we offer you translation of various documents from and into Dutch, English, French, Romanian, Russian, Farsi, Arabic, Turkish and Azerbaijani.

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At Join Dutch we can find answers to the most questions you face as a newcomer in the Netherlands. 

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